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i’m 5’3 and i will fight ur tall ass i don’t give a fuck


I had to
Holy mother of dessertsI found a gif set of this recipe floating around on my dash and thought that I would check it out. Turns out it was one of the desserts that I think I’ll be making for years to come. If you would like to make this yourself I would highly recommend it and it’s super freaking easy! 
You can find the video here!


Imagine you and your bias spending the night together, and you wear his clothes to sleep.

please unfollow me if you think white people can experience racism plz and thank u xxxx



This IS racism…..

Shut up mayo breath


Its not really summer unless the radio has found 2-3 songs to overplay the shit out of


Krystal for Elle Korea, August 2014


when someone gives you an irrelevant opinion you didnt ask for