you ever in the mood to get hit by a car and spend like 1 month in the hospital 

Anonymous asked: (Ice cream anon) I don't want you to feel alone. I hope you treat yourself like a princess or a queen. No one else seems to treat you anywhere near the way you deserve.

(sorry for the late reply, with 39 hours and 37 hours of work last week i have no time for the computer) awww you’re seriously so sweet..i don’t know what i did to deserve such a nice anon…and an ice cream on at that :D i actually bought myself some candy last night and binged, i have some more left so i’m probably going to curl up on the couch and watch gilmore girls. after i soak in a amazing hot tub *melting* ..please come off anon i really want to talk to you more :)

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[!] Congrats to Bangtan for winning in 4 categories at the 2014 So Loved Awards!


Bangtan won in the best Mini Album, Song, Choreography, and Hip Hop / RnB categories at the So Loved Awards. 

I can’t wait ‘til the day that I finally get to say,

“Mom, Dad, you don’t have to work anymore. Relax. I can support you now. Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me.”

ok but why

cool relatable post for people who live in Florida


fuck this place

Anonymous asked: Eat the ice cream. I feel like you deserve it. You seem to be struggling so much and have been for so long.

awww thanks, i didn’t get the ice cream but i might tomorrow. come off anon :3 i’m surprised anyone actually pays attention to my tags because that’s usually where i vent most ㅠㅠ