OMFG CRYING drama fever’s cover photo for It’s Okay, That’s Love! I’M MELTING!

i would hit the power button instead of the volume in the middle of watching doctor who journey’s end. grrrr

making my first resume to hopefully work at sprint….wish me luck because they pay 10/hour and I would get 5 days a week which i really fucking need! I’ll have to finish it tomorrow though because i have to go to bed now :’( stupid panera bread opening shifts…then again tomorrow is the only day i work all week until Saturday…and this is why I need a new job


those tumblr users you want to talk to but you can’t because they’re cool

Kris filming “Somewhere Only We Know” in Prague.


everytime i see kris’ pictures

  • is he okay
  • maybe he’s ok
  • is he happy
  • maybe he is
  • what is doing now
  • maybe he’s out
  • is he sad
  • maybe he is
  • is he smiling
  • maybe he is
  • he’s probably walking right now
  • is he alone
  • i hope he’s not
  • he’s okay
  • is  he okay
  • i hope he’s okay

ugh, i miss you kris. 

So how many of you are actually single right now?





reblog- single

like- taken

social experiment for tumblr :) 

single and ready to mingle

single and ready to pringle

Single cuz no one likes me

sexy, free & single i’m ready to bingo


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