"if feminists want equality does this mean we can punch women now?"
go ahead chicken shit punch me in the fucking face. i will shove your entire upper body into your own ass and make you fuck yourself from the inside out

 how dare you.

yixing imitating jongin when he realized he wasn't supposed to be on stage

every time i listen to mamacita at the “you ain’t got no chance” i instead hear “you ain’t got no nachos” and it sounds like leeteuk is saying weirdo when it’s just 위로 위로 lol i seriously thought it was weirdo at first! *facepalm* ugh but they’re all adorable and the song is super catchy. oh and shindong said shut your tongue guys


International fans making fun of kpop groups’ English while they can’t even pronounce their bias’s name correctly


why are there so many “romantic” black and white gifs of tate from american horror story that aint right did you guys pay any attention to that show at all

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i’m 5’3 and i will fight ur tall ass i don’t give a fuck